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Other Specialty Treatment

We're ready to treat in hospitals, so you can enhance the patient experience with tailored healthcare solutions.

Sneezing and Runny nose?


Causing various inconveniences in everyday life?

Missing a treatment can exacerbate it

Experience JIKO!


Menstrual pain │ PMS │ Menopause │  Early Menopause │Menstrual Irregularity 

│ Arrhythmia

"Weight management
treatment differs from each person.
It has to be different."

Many people have difficulty losing weight.

Everyone has different body types, thus every reasons causing the obesity is different.

People have to acknowledge the main cause of their obesity problem to have correct direction of the treatment.


Gastrointestinal Disorder!

Frustrated because you don't know the cause?

If you have indigestion and feel hard stomach, Oriental medicine is the answer

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