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How Jiko works for your treatment
Learn how we can effectively deliver connected care through acupun

How Jiko works for your treatment

Learn how we can effectively deliver connected care through acupuncture method.

Acupuncture Method






Gua Sha

Herbal Medicine

Improve the Immune System


Fire and Air cupping
Cupping Therapy


침의 효과 침은 손상된 조직의 복구를 돕고,

근육과 인대를 풀어주며, 신경을 안정시키고,

장부의 운동을 조절해 주는 효과가 있는 것으로

알려져 있습니다.


특히 침치료는 수축된 근긴장을

풀어주며 신경이 너무 예민해진 것을 완화시켜

만성통증을 치료하는데 아주 효과적입니다.

​Tui-Na Therapy

Tui-Na Therapy is pushing and pulling the Muscles.

Realigns the bones and joints by pushing certain muscles that have been shortened.

Pulling the adhered muscles to open the joints

Straighten the body out by loosening the muscle tissues. It releases the tension of nerves and blood vessels.

Acupuncture remedy that solve underlying cause of the disease.


IASTM is the technology that was combined with the Gua Sha therapy.

Effectively remove the restrictions on muscle and scar tissue by using tools specifically designed for each muscle of the body. IASTM treatment helps repair damaged tissue and control pain.

Genenrally referred as Myofascial release therapy

A variety of techniques can be used to treat muscle nerves in deep areas.

​Cupping Therapy

There is a saying, "It doesn't hurt if it works, but it hurts when it's blocked" in Acupuncture.

Great blood circulation results no pain.

The cupping therapy, which has a long history of pain treatment, has a hight effect of applying negative pressure on the skin to remove stagnated blood.

I helps to purifying the blood and facilitating the circulation of the blood while detoxifying toxins accumulated in human body.

Herbal Medicine

Pain can be caused by stagnation of Qi and phlegm disease.

With the prescription that facilitates the circulation of Qi and clears the blood while removing the phlegm disease.


Jiko Health&Wellbeing Center will prescribe oriental medicine for each cause due to poor internal organ system and deficiency/excess syndrome.

If you take oriental medicine, the pain will decrease and you will recover your physical strength and have a healthy body.

Moxibustion therapy

THe warm energy of moxibustion penetrate into the epidermis, warms the meridian system and removes the cold energy to facilitate the flow of blood.

Excellent for treating pain and circulatory disorders, gynecological and chronic diseases.

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