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I had trouble on my neck and shoulder area for a long time. I wasn’t sure about the acupuncture at first, but had try since the pain got worse over time. First couple treatments were painful(yea..), but it got better as time goes. Dr. Kim explained how all the procedure is working for my symptoms and now I have better idea of my body condition. I also had huge fear of NEEDLE, but didn’t feel even a pinch. (I guess Dr. Kim is good about what she does)
Anyways Highly recommed this place!






I visited this place on April 8th because I had back pain from sitting too long with wrong posture. This place was inside of the plaza crossed street of CSUF. I went in and the lady at the counter greeted me and confirmed my appointment. There were some snacks and drinks for the patients. I waited 10 mins and got treatment. I laid over and the doctor was confirming where to treat. The treatment was pretty painful, somehow after the treatment my back pain was gone. I will come back for sure next time since it worked somehow (she explained how it works but I forgot lol). Fun experience.

I went this place for about 10 times since Feb. 2020 due to my mestrual cramps and sleep disorder,insomnia. I used to have terrible cramps so that I had to take 10 edvil in couple days.
Edvil started not working at all so I chose to try acupuncture instead. Doctor examed my pulse every session. My first period after having couple treatment session was like a dream. I only had to take like 3 pills within 4days. Did feel little bit of abdomen pain, but it was way manageable than before. For the insomnia, pheww had a lot to say about it. I have so many dreams when I sleep which cuased me exhausted even after having enough sleep hours. Doctor prescribed me with the oriental medicine. I hesitated to try the medicine at first cuz I know it’s going to taste funky. So she got me the tablet type instead. I take those regularly and no more dreams! I can def. tell difference when I take it or not. Overall nice experience..

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